Learn all about the secrets of German cooking

The German food tour

Discover German specialities in a tour at the nicest neighborhoods in Berlin

You can eat Italian, Chinese, Thai or Greek in Germany in many places. But once you are in Germany, wouldn’t you rather try the typical German cuisine?
It has much more to offer than Schnitzel, Wurst and Sauerkraut. The German food tour – guided in German, English and Spanish – leads you to hidden restaurants in small side streets of Berlin, where you can try traditionally made German food at its best. Together with the German food you will enjoy  German beer and German wine.

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Berlin Food

The Berlin food tour

See who eat in Berlin in this exciting tour

What does the Berliner eat? Not only Currywurst! Even as citizen of Berlin, it is not easy at all to find a decent restaurant serving typical food from Berlin. This tour will help you!

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